At the start of this year, CAM initiated its curriculum transformation strategy, moving away from the US High School Diploma, and embracing Cambridge International Assessments. The following is a breakdown of that strategy across the school.

A. GrK-2 The academic year for GrK-2 is being shifted to begin in January and end in December. This will be phased in across the school each year. Currently, in 2021, GrK-1 are spending an extra 6months in the Grade, following the American curriculum, but introducing Jolly Phonics.

B. English

  1. Introduce Cambridge English GrK-9

  2. Introduce Jolly Phonics GrK-3

  3. Introduce SA-based handwriting GrK-3

  4. Continue with A Beka English Gr10-12

  5. Expand class reading programme with oxford owl

  6. Introduce Accelerated reading programme

  7. Review High School library resources

  8. Review ESL programme

C. Mathematics

  1. Continue with ACSI Math in GrK-6 and Gr10-12

  2. Introduced Cambridge Math in Gr7-9

D. Science

  1. Continue with Cambridge Science Gr1-6

  2. Introduce Cambridge Science Gr7-9

  3. Continue with ACSI/HMH Science/Physics/Biology in Gr10-12

E. Bible Education

  1. Introduce Deeper Roots GrK-6

  2. Continue with ACSI Bible Curriculum in Gr7-10

  3. Continue with Misseo Dei in Gr11

  4. Introduce Discipleship short courses in Gr12

  5. Incorporate Lure curriculum in Gr3-7

F. History/Geography

  1. Discontinue Geography for Gr 1-2

  2. In Gr3-8, split the year to do one semester of Geography and one semester of History. The History curriculum will include local history, world history, contemporary history and history related to Christianity.

  3. Continue with the A Beka Social Science Curriculum in Gr10-12

G. Business Studies/Economic Management Science

  1. Introduce Economic Management Science Gr7-8

  2. Introduce compulsory Business Studies in Gr9

H. Portuguese

  1. Formalise Portuguese curriculum for Gr1-8

  2. Increase the teaching time for Portuguese Gr1-6


  1. ICT Starters Gr1-6

  2. ICDL Gr8-12

J. Life Skills/Career Planning

  • Introduce to Life Skills to Gr8 and continue in Gr11-12


  1. Begin IGCSE at Gr 9

  2. The following IGCSE subjects:

  • Compulsory:

    • English

    • Math

    • Business Economics

    • Global Perspectives

  • Option 1:

    • Physics

    • Biology

    • Chemistry

  • Option 2:

    • History

    • Art and Design

    • English Literature

  • The following non-IGCSE subjects:

    • PE

    • Portuguese

    • Bible Education

    • IT

L. US High School Diploma Continue with this format for Gr10-12 for next year, with the Gr10 group being the last CAM graduates.

10 November 2021