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Our Philosophy of Education

Christ-centred, transformational education

  1. We ardently believe that allegiance to Jesus Christ is the central tenant for success. We believe that the key ingredient to a successful school is its Christian ethos, uniting a school community behind Christianity’s primary value: love. Only in God do we authentically transform, create and overcome our current reality and forge a new, beautiful normal.

  2. We hold the idealistic view that the school can positively influence the society of tomorrow by transforming one heart at a time.

  3. We are relentless in the pursuit of quality education and believe that this is rooted in a competent, engaged faculty who have caring and nurturing relationships with their students.

  4. We are passionate about active learning. Learning is only meaningful and deep-rooted when it involves authentic activity and communication.

  5. We believe in the power of positive affirmations and in pushing students and teachers beyond their current status quo, to continually pursue higher levels of excellence.

  6. We believe that the traditional approach to academics and school is systemically flawed in that the system is designed to compare students against each other, the result being that many students are left with the hidden message that they are not good enough. In contrast, students must know their worth is not rooted in their performance, that they are loved and valued irrespective of their performance.

  7. We believe that presentation is paramount, that neatness and discipline within a caring atmosphere are cornerstones for unlocking learning potential.

  8. We are passionate about the role of values within the school to unite a school community and enhance quality teaching and learning.

  9. We are passionate about creating opportunities for students to sow back into the community and actively engage in meaningful social responsibility initiatives.

  10. We are passionate about the role of the school in meeting the needs of differently abled students and those with learning barriers.

  11. We believe in the importance of a diverse and inclusive sports and arts and culture programme in the school.

  12. We believe in the important role of policies in a school. We believe that policies clarify expectations and build trust when they are rooted in shared values and implemented intuitively.

  13. We believe in the importance of giving students and staff alike, opportunities to practice and develop their leadership capacities. We take great delight in empowering staff members who display a leadership mind-set.

  14. We are passionate about personal and professional development, through in-house communities of learning and out-sourced workshops and courses. However, I am also very passionate about measuring the resultant return on investment.

  15. We are passionate about performance management. I believe that when expectations are clear and there is a relationship of mutual care and respect, performance management can enhance staff engagement and realise higher levels of excellence.


We are always ready to give the reason for the hope we have.


Impacting our school, our communities, our countries, our world.


We exist to glorify God and enjoy Him forever.

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