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CAM is an English-speaking international school committed to providing excellent Christ-centred education, integrating culturally relevant instruction, and equipping students to become critical thinkers and global citizens.


Even though CAM does NOT exist for profit, the various fees listed below are essential to sustain the program.  We are looking at ways to raise some scholarship funds because we know that this will allow us to help families most in need.


CAM School Fees 2023-2024

Application Fee                  1,500 MT (One Time Only)

Registration Fee                31,000.00 MT (Annual)

Capital Fee                            28,000.00 MT (Annual)

Tuition Grades K-1            40,425.00 MT monthly for 10 months (Jan - Oct '24)

Tuition Grades   2 -4         41,580.00 MT monthly for 10 months (Jan - Oct '24)

Tuition Grades   5 -8         41,580.00 MT monthly for 10 months (July '23 – May '24)

Tuition Grades 9 -12         43,890.00 MT monthly for 10 months (July '23 – May '24)


Additional 5% discounts for second, third or more children

5% Discount on the first month’s tuition fees if Application, Registration & Capital Fees are paid in full before the commence of the next academic year.

5% for only Tuition Fees discount if paid in full (100%) within the first month of the academic year.

Optional 11 month installments can be considered.



It is indisputable that quality education comes at a price.  We understand that not every family is in a position to pay the full amount.  If you would like to know what reductions you may be eligible for, please complete the attached ‘Tuition Reduction Request Form’.

Reductions will be considered upon submission of the ‘Tuition Reduction Request Form’ and the following:

This form must be accompanied by the following documents:


  • Original ‘Bilhetes de Identidade’ (BI), DIRES or passports for parents or authenticated copies;

  • A copy of the latest three months of bank statements;

  • A notarized letter from your employer stating your job title, current salary including benefits. Missionaries, however, must attach a letter from their mission stating their role and salary or financial support they may receive;

  • Missionaries only: If you do not hold a DIRE, you must present authenticated copies of your work visas accompanied by the National Department of Religious Affairs authorization letter.

  • Only upon submission of ALL the required documents will you be considered for Reduction.

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