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Our Story

  • Our school has consistently had more than a hundred enrolled students for the past five years.

  • CAM students and their families come from a variety of backgrounds and nationalities.

  • Most of our student body consists of Mozambican nationals, with expats and missionaries from other African countries, Brazil and at times the USA, Europe and Asia.

  • At CAM we celebrate our diverse demographic through various scheduled calendar programs and events. This leads to rich cultural appreciation, adaptability and understanding among our staff and students.

  • All subjects are taught from a Christian perspective. We've had children enrolled from non-Christian families and backgrounds. We've lived and learned together from each other in harmony. A Christian perspective is not just for our academic programme. It is the very foundation on which the school, our policies and processes are built, practiced and changed. Bible classes are included in the daily schedule and weekly chapels have been a mainstay from the foundation of the school.

  • Classrooms are capable of accomodating 15 to 20 students per class.

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CAM students form close ties.
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