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IN TEAMWORK, 1 + 1 = 10

(Issue 21 - 2024)

Hebrews 10:25

“And let us not neglect our meeting together, as some people do, but encourage one another, especially now that the day of his return is drawing near.”

In Physics, we learn that the size of a force acting on an object is equal to the sum of the combined forces acting on that object. That makes sense, simply put, this law says 1+1=2. Not so in teams! The sum of the total energy of the team is exponentially greater than sum of the energy exerted by each member. Both are universal laws, or axioms.

Jesus used this law to launch the church, starting with 12 disciples to establish His church world-wide! Even a small team, unified behind a common purpose, has great power. Even more so, when our sovereign God is lending His omnipotent power! For nothing can stand in His way! He does all that He pleases (Psalm 115:3)! As a rugby fan, the best example of this law in action is found in the rugby scrum. The power of 12 disciples, when united, grows in power exponentially! When they also have the backing of the God of the universe, they are unstoppable! How wonderful it would be to harness this law at CAM, even with our upcoming CAM Fair!

For CAM is not just any other school! We are a school on a mission for God! To glorify Him and accelerate His kingdom plans for our families, our communities, our Mozambique, and the world!

There is also a blessing in teamwork. We were created for community. When we are part of a dynamic, well-run team, we feel a sense of belonging and accomplishment which motivates us at a very deep level. For more so, than anything we do on our own.

So, come! Come and be a part of a team. Come and connect. Come and accomplish something great together! Come and be a part of our CAM community. When we work alongside each other for a good cause, we grow stronger together!

CAM FAIR – Saturday, 4 may

The CAM Fair is the main fundraiser for our STUCO. All the proceeds raised through STUCO activities are donated to an orphanage chosen by STUCO. The entrance fee, stall fees and games fees all go towards the STUCO fundraising. STUCO also sells snacks and cooldrinks.

The school took over the food sales for the day, as a school fundraiser. The money raised is set aside to raise funds to build a pool. To date we have raised

The classes are divided into three groups, with three food stalls. The class teachers will be reaching out to the parents in their classes to see how the class can work together to run the food stall.

Parents can assist in a number of ways:

  • Commit your time to assist with running the food stall at the Fair.

  • Approach businesses for discounts for the supplies needed.

  • Help advertise the event to family and friends to get more people to attend the Fair.

Parent-teacher association

If you would like to be a part of this, please contact Mrs Danana and let her know. We want to have our first meeting soon!

School canteen?

Have you had your say about the CAM Canteen? Follow this link: CANTEEN.

International day

Global Citizenship is a core focus area for CAM. International Day is one way to assist students to explore other nationalities. Our focus, specifically, is on countries outside of Africa.


Students need to choose a country. Come to school dressed in clothes which would be unique to that country. And bring food (unique to that country) to share with their class-mates.

Spirit week

Next week the STUCO are running their Spirit Week for this quarter.


  • Monday – Crazy Sock and Hair

  • Tuesday – International Day

  • Wednesday – Formal Day

  • Thursday – students come in their team colours

  • Friday – Grk-6 - dress as their favourite animal, Gr7-12 - oversized dress-up

QuickBooks online

  • CAM is making the migration to QuickBooks Online to manage the school’s financial records.

  • This will have zero impact on fees payable, only the presentation of invoices and statements will look different.

  • We will now be able to issue electronic invoices and statements via whatsapp or email.

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